Home Warranty Companies – Choosing The Top Warranty Provider

A number of home warranty companies are operating and the coverage offered varies from one to the other. Choosing the right home security company involves some research, a little bit of asking around and reading the fine print of the contract very carefully. While, on first glance, a warranty may appear to be comprehensive, there will be exclusions and escape clauses, which mean you will get no benefit when it is time to file claims under the warranty. You need to choose carefully to ensure you get the best service. Be informed and knowledgeable to arrive at the right decision. Inform yourself to ensure you choose a company that gives you the best home deal.

Coverage is an important factor and home coverage warranty usually covers home appliances, air conditioners; fridge, plumbing (but not faucets!), dishwashers, clothes washer and dryer, electrical and some may even cover repairs and maintenance to the home to some extent. A warranty for home will usually inspect the equipments before issuing a warranty.

The cost of home warranty may range from $ 200 upwards for a one year warranty but a visit charge for each complaint may be levied each time you call someone for repairs under the warranty. It gives you peace of mind as you simply call the company and they depute the appropriate personnel registered with them for the repairs and if the repairs cannot be carried out the company replaces the product.

Apparently simple enough but there are any number of grounds on which such companies may excuse themselves from keeping their commitment such as stating that the equipments was not used properly or maintained properly by the owner. They may cite code violations or improper installation in the first place. Outdoor items like lawn sprinklers, garage door openers and other equipments may not be covered in the warranty.

There are many facets and aspects to home security including variations in state laws. One way to get a good home warranty company is to ask those who already have experience with such companies. Friends and online forums give feedback on the quality of service of these companies.

A better way is to inform yourself through online research into the home warranty companies operating in your area, discuss with their representatives and read all terms carefully. Arm yourself with knowledge and facts from the right source so you negotiate a good deal and ensure you get full value for your money.

Home Warranty Coverage – Can You Buy Peace of Mind?

Buying a home is a big decision for most people, one that generates a lot of stress. Making the decision to build a custom home instead of purchasing an existing home is even bigger. All of a sudden, the decisions are compounded: there are floor coverings to decide on, colors to pick out, and a myriad of other details to be decided upon during the home building process. While this can be very exciting, it can also produce anxiety for the new home owner. Questions start to surface. How do I know the custom home builder I’ve chosen is a good one? How do I protect my new home once it’s built? What if something breaks?

Of course, everyone should protect their home with a good homeowner’s insurance policy. That’s a given. But another great way to relieve some of the anxiety is by protecting your new home with a home warranty. A home warranty is different from homeowner’s insurance and covers items that are not typically covered in your standard homeowner’s insurance policy. While homeowner’s insurance covers you in the case of accidents or natural disasters, it doesn’t cover the repair and maintenance costs associated with your appliances and home systems, nor does it protect against any defects in the structure of your new home.

There are two main types of home warranties: appliance and systems warranties, and structural warranties. Let’s examine each of them briefly.

An appliance and systems warranty covers just what you’d imagine from its name. It covers repairs and maintenance that may be needed on specified appliances or systems (such as HVAC or plumbing). This type of work is typically not covered in your standard homeowner’s insurance policy. With an appliance and systems warranty, there is a cost for the warranty itself, and then you pay a set service fee if a service call is needed. Policies like this can be very cost effective because the service fee is usually less than what it would cost to get the appliance or system fixed on your own.

A structural warranty is a little different. It protects you for a set time period (typically 10 years) against structural defects that may occur which would render the house unsafe or unsanitary and therefore, unlivable. Structural warranties may also come packaged with workmanship and systems warranties, which provide additional protection for you, the new home owner. Many custom home builders offer a structural warranty with every new home they build.

That’s great, but what if your home builder goes out of business two years after he finishes your custom home? What happens then? Who pays the insurance claim if something goes wrong?

Those are great questions. Some home builders do warrant their work themselves. In this case, there is a risk to the home owner that the builder won’t be there if something goes wrong several years from now. However, the best and most prestigious custom home builders use a third party company to administer their home warranties. This is a big benefit for the home owner. By using a third party home warranty company, the builder is essentially telling you that he stands behind his work, and wants to make sure you’re protected, regardless of what happens to him. Even if he should go out of business two years after building your custom home, the home warranty will remain in place. An additional benefit to the customer is that third party home warranty companies are often very selective about the builders they work with. They only make their services available to home builders who have a proven track record of good quality construction and workmanship.

So can you buy peace of mind? Maybe not. But you can make sure your new home is covered with a good home warranty. Knowing that your investment is well protected will go a long way toward helping you sleep peacefully in your new bedroom.

Home Warranty Insurance

The last time you were in an electronics store and bought a computer or a gaming system, the salesman undoubtedly asked you if you wanted to purchase the warranty for the product. The same situation comes up when purchasing a car as well. Owning a home is no different, there is an option to purchase home warranty insurance. You probably took that salesman up on the warranty for your new electronics or car. Since a home is a significantly bigger investment, with many components that can break down, it is even more important to purchase homeowners warranty insurance.

Home warranties basically begin their coverage where your homeowners insurance leaves off. Major appliances and systems are all covered, per the specifics of your contract. And, unlike hazard insurance, like flood or fire, these types of warranties cover normal wear and tear. This is especially useful as time goes on and your appliances become older. However, rates also increase as this occurs. This rate increase will probably be yearly as home warranty insurance contracts usually expire after a year and must be renewed to maintain coverage.

When looking into buying a new home, and, similarly, when putting your house on the market, homeowners warranty insurance is extremely valuable to have. In fact, according to a Gallup Poll, the vast majority, nearly 80%, of buyers and sellers surveyed put home warranties as one of the most important aspects of buying a home. The home warranty insurance can be purchased by either the buyer or the seller. Sellers generally purchase the home warranty in order to make their home more attractive on the market. So, they are counting on it being more likely to sell the home quickly and for a better price because of the warranty. Similarly, as a buyer, you can insure that the home you are getting and its appliances and major systems will not immediate fail you. If they do, they are easily and cheaply replaced, saving you much time and hassle. The coverage can be purchased at the time of sale, saving the seller any upfront premiums. Also, the costs can be split by the buyer and seller.

The specifics your homeowners warranty insurance and home appliance insurance may vary. It is very important to know the details and the limitations you might have in your policy. Be sure to include the most important systems and appliances to you when initiating your policy. You may pay more to have certain things covered, but it may be worth it if it is more worn out, very expensive to replace or very important to you. Policy costs will vary depending on the extent of the coverage.

The cost of this type of warranty is reasonable compared to the cost of replacing major systems in your home. Also, service calls are very affordable. You can expect to pay around $50 if you need a repairman to come to your house. Do yourself a favor, buy home warranty insurance, gain peace of mind and save a lot on repairing or replacing items around your house.